Alberta , Canada ; Montreal , Quebec ; Phoenix , Arizona ; San Luis , Colorado

My name is Rene LaVoie , I was born in Alberta , Canada. . At the age of 19 , I got a job working for Philips Electronics as a TV Tech in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada. I worked for this company for four years. While working as an apprentice I studied at the Alberta Technical Institute. At the age of 23 , I went to work for Philips Electronics Manufacturing plant in Montreal , Quebec. Worked in Montreal for 14. years. At the age of 37 , I moved to Phoenix , Arizona. Established a major TV repair business and operated the business for 14 years. Bought 43 acres of land next to the town of San Luis , CO. The building is 5,000 square feet ; ceiling height 14. feet . I am Authorized Service Center (ASC) for eleven Manufactures. Servicing the Alamosa Area (Southern Colorado)(SLV)(San Luis Valley) 



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